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  • ETL-2 Vow – Half of the Models

    Now it’s time to put something interesting in the blog, shall we?

    For those who don’t know yet, I’m know on B&C as Marshal Bertrand, and I vowed the following:

    - Marshal Bertrand with Power Sword (Blades ftw), Adamantine Mantle for 130 pts
    - Termanators (I know its Terminators, but it just sounds better), with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields, for 200 pts
    - Crusader Squad of 8 Iniatiates, one with flamer, other with missile launcher for 128 points

    But, because I’m still cleaning some of the Crusaders (old macrrage vets), I will put in this, the Termanators, and me,I mean, Marshal here:

    IMG160 IMG161


    So, as soon as my lazy… er I mean my busy day get’s a little less paced, I will clean the rest of the marines and post then here on another post.

    Lord bless us all, have a nice day/night or whatever part of the day you are right now.