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    I feel pain, I feel tired, but here it is ETL 2 vow complete.

    IMG221 IMG216 IMG220


    Also here is one of the minis of ETL that I left at my house (I’m not at it, so that’s why a different background)



    Lord bless you all, gonna rest.

  • Marshal Bertrand

    And here it is, before I travel, I shall at least bring Marshal complete for you all to see.

    Right now, one day before I’m busy again, here it is:

    IMG200 IMG201


    4:1 Burnished Gold with Chainmail and Wash Gryphone Sepia .
    There is already 2 Bolter rines done, but too lazy to post right now.

    Lord bless us all, good gaming and July.

  • Alive and Kickin’

    I’m back people. Has been a long time, but I’m still alive and well.
    Now to what the blog is about, we have some news, even if it’s slow (considering B&C is down I couldn’t update there anything also) my update on my Templars is not that big.

    The thing is, I’m being too slow, there is not even 10% of completion of what I need to paint, to be honest, I don’t think I will make it without a miracle.
    The good news, is that, Marshal Bertrand is better right now, going for a gold paint job, and one more Bolterine is painted.


    It’s looking like this now:



    Lord bless you all, good gaming :)

    Ps: The green thing isn’t Alien Blood.

  • The Third Post, with Good News

    First Good News:
    I have finally done 90% of the cleaning of ETL vow, and I’m putting here the 8 crusaders, 1x flamer, 1x missile launcher.


    Second Good News:
    So here finally a pic of my awesome paintjob (I’m joking).


    Finally I managed to end one Black Templar Crusader, so I have now a standard to follow on my other miniatures, which means I decided how I will paint then.

    One little thing, is, I’m awful at free hand, so there is no Templar Cross for now, until I get better at it and a finer pencil, if someone knows a way to do it nicely, feel free to help me at comments.

    Ps: I might not be posting in some time, because I will be very busy together with my lovely wife, so there is the possibility of not having posts during this time, but suffer not, for it will be for the greater good, er I mean, for a greater purpose.

    Lord bless you all, good gaming :)

  • ETL-2 Vow – Half of the Models

    Now it’s time to put something interesting in the blog, shall we?

    For those who don’t know yet, I’m know on B&C as Marshal Bertrand, and I vowed the following:

    - Marshal Bertrand with Power Sword (Blades ftw), Adamantine Mantle for 130 pts
    - Termanators (I know its Terminators, but it just sounds better), with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields, for 200 pts
    - Crusader Squad of 8 Iniatiates, one with flamer, other with missile launcher for 128 points

    But, because I’m still cleaning some of the Crusaders (old macrrage vets), I will put in this, the Termanators, and me,I mean, Marshal here:

    IMG160 IMG161


    So, as soon as my lazy… er I mean my busy day get’s a little less paced, I will clean the rest of the marines and post then here on another post.

    Lord bless us all, have a nice day/night or whatever part of the day you are right now.